Wednesday, August 13, 2008

AutoCAD 2009 Drawing Recovery Prompt Issue.

When you open a drawing, you receive the following error (or similar):

“Unable to open this drawing. It contains incorrect or corrupted information. The RECOVER command may be able to restore undamaged material from this drawing.”

If a drawing contains materials or AEC objects and was saved to an earlier drawing format, then you may perform the following steps to resolve this error without requiring the use of the Recover command. Autodesk Support has posted the following Technical Solution to this issue:

Either of these solutions allow you to open the drawings in AutoCAD 2009 without being prompted to recover them:

  1. Using AutoCAD 2008 or DWG TrueView, save the files in AutoCAD 2007 format.
  2. Using AutoCAD 2008, open the drawing, set 3DCONVERSIONMODE to 0, and then save in the AutoCAD 2004 or AutoCAD 2000 file format.

For the full details visit the Autodesk support site.

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