Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cool way to Copy just what you want...

Did you ever want to copy just a dialog box and paste it into MS Word, then when you paste it is sooo small that you can hardly read it?

Try the following steps:
1) Select the dialog box or window you want to copy.
2) Hold down the Alt key and hit the Print Screen button.
3) Paste (or Control +V)into your Word document.

Notice how only the dialog is pasted in.

Alt+Print Screen just captures an image of the selected application or dialog box. You can use the same thing to capture only the Word document or the Browser window.

Of course you can also cheat and use the "Snipping Tool" that comes with Windows 7 or anther utility.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Revit install is grayed out on a new installation.

You try to do a new install Revit and the option to install Revit is grayed out.

We wanted to give a heads up on this issue because we have been getting a lot of calls on this lately.

Specifics of the issue:
Customers are not able to install any of the Revit products, because the option to select it is grayed out. This is the first time installing and there is not sign of the software for 2011 on the machine.

There are 3 common things that can cause the product pick box to be grayed out at the product install screen.

1) Internet Explorer 7 or higher is not installed

Fix: Install IE 7 or higher.

2) DWF Viewer is installed.

Fix: Uninstall DWF Viewer and try reinstalling Revit.

3) The product is already installed, or was uninstalled incorrectly.

Fix: Verify the product you want to install is not already installed. If it was and had been uninstalled, make sure you went though the Clean Uninstall process (http://usa.autodesk.com/getdoc/id=TS14633513).

This can be very frustrating. If 1 & 2 have checked out okay, and you need assistance ensuring the program is not in an invalid install/uninstall stated please give us a call. 888-389-3042. Please have your contract number handy so we can expedite the case creation.