Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Tool Resolves Performance Issue and Drawing Cleanup

Have you noticed significant performance issues when performing the following functions in AutoCAD®:

  • Opening drawings that contain Xrefs?
  • Inserting Xref drawings?
  • Copying/Pasting from one drawing into another?
  • Inserting blocks from external files?

This behavior may occur if your drawings contain multiple custom annotation scales (see image). If your annotative scale list is long, the scales listed include the word "XREF" in it and you have many affected drawings, then this new tool is for you.

Here’s how to prepare your system:

1. First, download and install the latest service packs for your product. To access the service packs, navigate to the Autodesk support page and select the appropriate application. Follow the Data and Download links to the Updates and Service Packs page. The current service pack level for the product installed on your computer is found by typing “About” at the (AutoCAD) command line (without the quotes) and hitting the Enter key. Then click the Product Information button in the upper right of the About dialog to show the Product Information Dialog. The Product Information Dialog displays the name and version of your product as well as the service pack level installed.

2. Next, download and install the Scale list Cleanup Utility so you can quickly remove all these extra scale lists.

Don't forget to clean up your template drawings too!

Be sure to read the important information in the "Download CleanupScales.html" which contains instructions on how to install and use the tool.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Autodesk Inventor® R2009 Potential Installation Issues

Standalone License alert:
  • The license files must never be deleted or altered. Any change will trigger license failure.
    • You would then be required to re-authorize all impacted products. License file Location:
      • XP os:
        \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Autodesk\Software Licenses
      • Vista os:
        \ProgramData\Autodesk\Software Licenses
    • Do not restore your hard drive or re-image it without first exporting the licenses with the Portable License Utility.
    • Additionally, Inventor needs access to modify the master boot record on the boot drive. This is used to store licensing information. Software that blocks this or periodically restores the Master Boot Record will lead to license failure.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Known issues with Inventor 2008 and Windows Vista

Autodesk found issues using Autodesk Inventor 2008 on the Windows Vista operating system.

The known issues with using Autodesk Inventor 2008 on Windows Vista are listed below.

General Issues from Autodesk:

  1. OpenGL hardware acceleration is not supported.
  2. Some codecs cannot be used when generating AVI files.
  3. The Add-in Manager may not function if you change the status of Add-ins. You must turn off the User Access Control (UAC) and log on as an administrator.
  4. The Autodesk CAD Manager Tools cannot be used immediately after they have been installed. You must first install the Autodesk CAD application.
  5. You cannot select "Change" in Uninstall or change a program while the UAC is on.
  6. Inventor cannot be uninstalled if the UAC is on.
  7. The DWG file icons used for template files are not displayed correctly for non-administrator users.
  8. The files located in the Program Files folder can be edited using folder virtualization, but any changes you make to these files cannot be seen by other user accounts.

For the complete list of issues from Autodesk visit their support page.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

AutoCAD error after Windows Update

It appears as though a recent Microsoft Windows Update may be the cause of a number of reports about users receiving the following error when starting AutoCAD-based products:

"This version of AutoCAD was not installed properly and some features may not run correctly. You should reinstall AutoCAD immediately to make sure all features are working properly. Do you wish to continue anyway?"

If you have recently allowed your computer to update Windows, and your AutoCAD-based application starts with the error above, the only known workaround is to uninstall and reinstall the .NET Framework (dotnetfx) 2.0 (and possibly 3.0) required for your application.

Here is a link to the Microsoft web site concerning the troubleshooting, installation, and, more importantly, instruction on how to manually remove and then reinstall the .NET Framework 2.0:

You may manually reinstall the .NET Framework 2.0 by accessing the following link to the Microsoft web site:

Here is a link to the Autodesk Technical Solution regarding a similar issue:

You may also consider disabling Automatic Windows Updates to prevent the updates from occurring automatically and so you may manually review updates before applying them.

For more information, please contact us at the Avatech National Support Center (NSC).

Note: If you have Autodesk Inventor or Autodesk Vault (Autodesk Data Management Server) installed or are running on Windows Vista, there are alternate instructions for you. Please contact the NSC.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Autodesk Viewers

DWF Community

When it comes to advanced design review, Autodesk provides several solutions for the high-fidelity viewing of Autodesk files and software.

See chart below or visit the Autodesk website to view chart more closely.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Where Did My AutoCAD Interface Go in 2009?

AutoCAD 2009 has a brand new interface, kind of. You can quickly and easily get back to the old interface too. It's just a Workspace away!

There are 2 pretty quick methods to do so.

1) In the bottom right hand corner there is a Gear button right next to the Lock button. Click the Gear button and select AutoCAD Classic.

2) Click the big red A in the upper left corner and it should dropdown a menu, select Tools->Workspaces->AutoCAD Classic.

To get back to the cool new "Ribbon" use one of the 2 methods above to select the "2D Drafting & Annotation" workspace.

Network Version Asking to "Register and Activate"

If you receive the option to "Register and Activate" when you launch a network version, then you know right away that you have installed a "Standalone" version of that program. The network version will not give you the option to register and activate.

Here are some of the most common reasons you would have a standalone install.

  1. You went inside the 'adminimage' folder and ran the MSI file.

  2. You created the image and did not click the "Configure" button to change the default from Standalone to Network. Then when you run the shortcut icon to install the product onto the workstation it will install a standalone.

  3. You installed a standalone from the DVD.

  4. You copied the DVD to a shared location and ran setup and installed a Standalone.

If you try to Register and Activate a network serial number you will receive an error that your serial number is invalid.

To receify your installation:

  1. Uninstall the Standalone.

  2. Reboot.

  3. Install the Network version by double clicking the shortcut icon that is in the same folder as your adminimage to install.

  4. Reboot and run the program.

If you have any questions contact us.

Autodesk Inventor – Known Issues and Workarounds for Graphics

  1. Notebook users: If you do not find a driver on our site(Autodesk), please obtain the latest WHQL certified driver from your notebook vendor. When used with DirectX 9 Graphics, this is certified. Do not attempt to use drivers from any other source. This does not imply OpenGL certification.
  2. Inventor LT users: Please use Inventor 2008 settings, database & graphics drivers.
  3. When changing to a different graphics card, it is highly recommended that you un-install your current drivers before installing the new card.
  4. 3GB switch on XP or Vista32: The graphics vendors have re-structured their drivers to use more Operating System address space and less application address space. You may have to use the USERVA switch (i.e.. /USERVA=2800) to move the 3GB boundary down. When running up against this boundary, please limit Inventor to 1 graphics window. Do not run any other applications that are not required, as each application takes OS resources that may not be available. See FAQ page for more information

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Autodesk Inventor – Known Issues and Workarounds

New 2009:
  1. Vista 32 & 64 has DX 9 & 10 support. Inventor will automatically detect the level of hardware acceleration on your card.
  2. XP can use OpenGL or DX 9 (Default). XP-64 only uses DX9.
  3. All configurations have OpenGL software emulation.

NEW 2008:

When using Inventor 2008 or newer, with Direct3D 9 or newer, any Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Lab (WHQL) certified graphics driver is certified for use with Inventor; no additional Autodesk Inventor certification is necessary. Most drivers will still be posted on the Autodesk graphics hardware site for your convenience.

OpenGL is supported only on Windows XP when using a Certified OpenGL Workstation card (such as a Quadro or FireGL card) with a driver posted on the Autodesk graphics hardware site for your convenience.
  1. The card vendors design Workstation cards and drivers for applications such as CAD. They also test Inventor with every new driver. They do not support cards designed for the game market (such as Radeon and GeForce) for use with Inventor. As a result, Autodesk can not support game cards for OpenGL.
  2. New OpenGL Certifications are only available by request from webmaster because OpenGL is now a Legacy functionality with limited support.
  3. If you are forced to use OpenGL because of D3D problems, please report your problems, so they can be fixed. See Reporting Requirements for the information needed by the Autodesk Inventor team.
  4. New certifications always apply to older versions of Inventor.
  5. A certification for a released product always applies to all following service packs.
  6. OpenGL also requires the latest graphics database update.

Autodesk Subscription 2009 Serial Number Changes

As you start to see your new 2009 product arrive it may feel like Christmas in April!

While you begin to look over the feature changes in your products, you'll also want to be aware of the changes Autodesk implemented for Subscription in their 2009 product line.

The biggest change is the focus on the ability to register 3 versions back ONLINE! In order to do this you will have to burn the old serial numbers you may have memorized.

The next BIGGER change is that serial numbers for 2009 are PRODUCT based now. In the past it was GROUP/LOCATION based.

PRO – You’ll have the ability to register 3 versions back online.

CON – You may have a lot more serial numbers

Example: If you had 3 locations with a serial number for each and multiple products at each location. You will have a new serial number for each location and each product in each location.

PS. IF you are not happy with the new arrangement please work with your client manager and we can work with Autodesk to change the configuration to better serve your company. Or contact the NSC of course.

Autodesk Inventor-Known Issues and Workarounds

The following is from Autodesk.

  1. ALERT: Defect Number 964180 [MS Intellipoint mouse driver is not compatible with Inventor 2008 SP1 ] Please use the older 5.5 driver or no driver at all.

  2. Open Graphics issue: When using DX10 (Vista), lines that should be solid may appear dashed. If the object is rotated, the lines will change from dashed to solid, to dashed. Workaround: Switch to DX9. The graphics vendors are working on this.
a. Nvidia does NOT have this issue.
b. ATI is working on a new driver.