Friday, July 11, 2008

Older Processors Cause Install Error For Revit Products

Users are commonly reporting that they are getting an installation error during the install of the Revit 2009 product family. The error reads "The Rendering library is not installed. Rendering features will be disabled". In an effort to assist our clients with this issue we have diligently working with Autodesk to determine the cause. We were most recently informed that the cause may be linked to older processors. It seems that older processors that are not SSE2 compliant seem to display this behavior. Autodesk is aware of the problem and are currently investigating the issue.

You might be asking what is SSE2 anyway, I know I was. Below is the link to the definition according to Wikipedia:

Known mainstream processors that DO NOT SUPPORT SSE2 include: Intel Pentium 3 and earlier processors and AMD Athlon XP and earlier processsors. If you are trying to install on a computer utilizing one of these processors and are encountering a problem, the reason above may be the cause.

Keep an eye out on Autodesk’s website as well as this blog for updates to this issue.

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