Friday, January 30, 2009

Two Great Companies, Two Great Utilities

It’s a common complaint from Revit MEP users; we hear it all the time. They have a Revit Architecture model linked into their Revit MEP model. They want to be able to have their space names and numbers updated from the linked architectural when the Architect makes changes. It’s so frustrating for the MEP users. If you look at the properties of the linked architectural space; while in MEP, you can see that MEP knows the updated name of the space. The problem is that there’s currently no way to push the data from the architectural model to the MEP model. For the longest time; the functionality just hasn’t been there, until now. Inside the span of one week; both Autodesk & Avatech Solutions have released utilities to address this need.

Both Autodesk and Avatech recently released utilities for Revit that are quite similar in function and we felt an obligation to our customers (current and potential) to highlight the merits of each. Let’s begin by looking at what Autodesk’s version can do. Below is an abbreviated list of the features included with this utility:

Autodesk’s “Space Naming Utility” allows you to have the spaces updated in 3 different ways.
You can choose to have only the space names updated
You can choose to have only the space numbers updated
You can choose to have both the space names and numbers updated.
Autodesk’s “Space Naming Utility” allows you to elect to have the spaces within the levels of the project to be updated in 2 ways.
You can choose to have all levels updated
You can choose to have only specific levels updated

Now let’s take a look at Avatech’s version. Avatech’s “Space Update” provides the same basic functionality with the following enhancements.

You can pre-select spaces (via filter or individually selecting) and change only those spaces vs. an entire level or the entire model
Using spaces on projects that are making use of phasing is addressed. It allows you to select which phase you want to work with.
For situations where there is more than one space in a room (common for analytical purposes), Avatech’s “Space Update” begins by adding a suffix to each one of them. For example, Room 101 with 2 spaces becomes 101.A and 101.B. This can also be customized to a specific numbering standard by modifying the configuration included with the utility.
After Avatech’s “Space Update” is run, it will report how many spaces it updated.
After Avatech’s “Space Update” is run, it will report how many spaces that could not be updated (typical of unplaced spaces created in schedules, similar to rooms)
Acquiring Avatech’s “Space Update” does not require an Autodesk subscription to access and download it.
Avatech’s “Space Update” can be installed by using a batch script for multiple users, similar to the other Avatech Revit Utilities.
Avatech’s “Space Update” will run on either 32 or 64 Bit platforms

It’s merely coincidence that both Autodesk and Avatech unintentionally chose to release these similar utilities recently and, while similar, both have merits to the Revit user base. We welcome your inquiries and invite you to evaluate our product. Avatech Solutions’ Revit Utilities can be downloaded from:

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