Friday, June 5, 2009

Norton Antivirus Interaction With 3ds Max 2010

Norton Antivirus is a great virus protection program and it is very widely used. The only problem is that Norton is like that misbehaving dog that jumps on guests and won't stay off your couch. Norton has a tendency to wreak havoc on Autodesk programs and unfortunately this is true for 3ds Max & 3ds Max Design as well. Users of the 2010 release that also had Norton installed have been experiencing more trouble than most. They've been finding that 3ds Max will not even run, it crashes out with various errors. This is a result of a problem with the Symantec Endpoint Protecttion. Autodesk has confirmed this issue and fortunately have found a solution. You will need to modify your Norton Antivirus installation in the following way.
  1. Go into Add / Remove programs in Windows Control Panel, locate Symantec endpoint protection and select the option to modify the install.

  2. Under "Proactive Threat Protection" disable "Application & Device Control"

  3. Follow through the steps of the installation modification and then close the Control Panel.

  4. Restart your machine

Once this completed 3ds Max should run as normal. It may take a some time to initialize the first time the software is run so be patient.


Raul said...

Hello man, this was very useful and its works as you said. Thank you.

tisha.sharma0 said...

Well it really works for me as well..Thanks to share your experience with us..

Keep on sharing

info said...

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