Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to increase your priority at Autodesk

Should I send the error report or not? You can increase your priority at Autodesk by sending the error report.

I talk to people all the time that say they never send the error report anymore because they never receive a response.

While this is correct, you will not receive a response from Autodesk, I encourage everyone to always send those error reports. "Why?" you ask, because Autodesk uses those error reports to fix things in the programs. Send the report every time. The more times it's submitted the higher the priority to getting the issue resolved. If I'm working with corrupt drawings and get kicked out 20 times I send it 20 times. What? You want "proof" that they fix things using the error reporting (a.k.a. CER or Customer Error Reporting). Okay, then go to one of the service packs for the program you run and view the readme. There will be a long list of things fixed due to the CER. Here's the AutoCAD 2010 readme

Now, that said, sometimes it does pop up with a message that says it's been fixed in a service pack or hotfix that has a link to the update or hotfix. This can be very helpful. Also, I have heard of very rare instances where Autodesk developers/QA contacting the client to help them reproduce the issue so they can fix it.

So, SEND SEND SEND! Always send that CER!

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