Friday, October 29, 2010

It's not my Graphics card driver, I have the latest one installed...

When it comes to graphics issues, the latest one may or may not be the best one to have installed. I've had to downgrade some systems to fix issues.

Here's what I recommend:
Check the Autodesk graphics cards database to see if you are on a supported/recommended graphics card *and* driver. You may have a certified card but if you don't have the right driver installed you will most likely have issues.

You can find the information on one of the four (4) main Autodesk support web pages. Some overlap. Some conflict with others. For example, if you have Inventor and Mechanical (most people do), your card and driver may be supported/recommended for one but not the other. In these situations I recommend you use the supported/recommended driver for the program that is more important to you.

Here are the Autodesk databases and some are easier than others to use:

AutoCAD (AutoCAD based programs: Civil 3D, Architecture, Mechanical, LT)



3DS Max:

If you find the driver and version you want to use, then go to the list for AutoCAD and see if it's available for download. Just click the little blue download arrow. SWEET isn't it! Much better than trying to find it on the web somewhere!

Other notes:
Green check with a + is good.
Be sure you check for the version for your Operating System, don't get the version for Windows 7 if you're on Windows XP.

If your card is *not* listed, don't panic its okay. It just means it has not been tested by Autodesk and we don't know if it works or not. It probably will, but we may need to tweak something to get it to work better or error free. There have been very few times I've had to tell people, try a different card and driver that is on the Supported/Recommended list.

What if you're using a different Autodesk program?
  1. Go to
  2. Select the Knowledge Base link under your products name.
  3. Then click the "Certified Hardware" link under the Documentation section.
Note: not all Autodesk programs seem to have a Certified Hardware list.

I hope this helps, if not, give us a call in the Solutions Center. 888-389-3042. Remember, contract holders are answered first, then the 1 time free support incident callers.

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