Friday, October 10, 2008

Autodesk Releases Updates For All 2009 Revit Products

This just in! Autodesk recently released updates for the 2009 Revit product line. This release is different from any of those in the past however, this update is a true Service Pack. Historically when updates were released for Revit they were full builds of the software. This meant that when the update executable was launched, the previous version was uninstalled and then the new build was installed in it's place. Now, with this release being a true "Service Pack" the process is significantly different. It is installed on top of the existing build of the software. Another difference is that in the past you could skip builds. For instance, for Revit Architecture 2008 there were a total of 3 web updates released. If your Revit Architecture was still on the original DVD build you could jump straight to web update 3 without having to install web update 2 first. With this Service Pack, you can still skip straight to this update but you have to have the "installation media" available when you install the Service Pack.

This creates a complication.

If you are on the original build from the DVD you simply need to have the DVD handy when installing the Service Pack. If you are on Web Update 1, you may be in for a sour surprise. You will need the Web Update executable during the installation of the Service Pack. Like many people, I deleted this executable after updating my Revit software because it's half a gigabyte of data I no longer need. If you have all 3 Revit products on your machine like I do, that's 1.5 gigabytes of junk! This means I now have to download it over again so I can have it available when I go to install the Service Pack. Depending on your Internet connection speed this can add hours to your update process. I won't ramble on about the processes involved for updating deployments but that's not the most straight forward process either. What I will do is offer some very useful links for obtaining the updates and the readme files for each of them. I strongly recommend reviewing the readme files. This will add some much needed clarification to your updating headaches. I guess one benefit of Autodesk changing the updates to true Service Packs is that future updates will likely be much easier to implement. Another great benefit, the previous builds averaged around half a gigabyte each! The Service Packs below you'll notice are roughly half that or smaller!

Revit Architecture 2009

Revit Architecture 2009 Web Update#2 Service Pack - (112mb)

Readme File for Revit Architecture 2009 Web Update #2 (PDF)

Revit Structure 2009

Revit Structure 2009 Web Update#2 Service Pack - (252mb)

Readme File for Revit Structure 2009 Web Update #2 (PDF)

Revit MEP 2009

Revit MEP 2009 Web Update #2 Service Pack (114mb)

Readme File for Revit MEP 2009 Web Update #2 (PDF)

One last thing, following is a link to a Technical Solution written by Autodesk that briefly explains how to apply this web update to a deployment with shared content. Many of you will likely find this useful. For the Technical Solution, click here.

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