Friday, October 10, 2008

You want to know how to display all annotative scale objects?

You notice when you change your annotative scale that some objects (Text, MText, Dimensions, etc) disappear or reappear.

A button to toggle the visibility of Annotative objects (based on the current Annotative Scale) is accessible in the drawing status bar. You can view all the Annotative objects by toggling the Annotative Visibility button in the bottom right corner of the screen. When this button is turned ON, ALL Annotative objects are displayed. When it's off, only objects defined with the current annotative scale are displayed.

The toggle to turn this setting on/off is in the bottom right corner of the Drawing Status Bar.

Alternatively you can use the ANNOALLVISIBLE system variable and set it to 1. Setting ANNOALLVISIBLE =0 reduces the need to have multiple layers to manage the visibility of your annotative objects.

For moreinformation about this variable enter ANNOALLVISIBLE at the command line, hit enter and hit F1.

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