Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Drawing "bloat", one possible solution.

Introduced in AutoCAD 2005, you can now use the command line version of the PURGE command ( -PURGE ) to remove Registered Applications (RegApps).

When you add in an add-on program to AutoCAD or even use parts of the Express Tools it will add a RegApp entry into the drawing as a normal and necessary process. If you remove the object that create that RegApp you can use -PURGE R (for RegApps) to get rid of it. This is not available from the purge dialog box (only available from the command line) and using Purge All doesn't get rid of the RegApps.

The best procedure to remove unused items from the drawing:
1 ) Turn on, thaw and unlock all layers
2) Enter -PURGE at the command line, if you don't put a hyphen in front it will bring up the dialog.
3) Enter A for all.
4) Enter again to accept the * for all.
5) Enter N for No you don't want to verify each and every line item.

I run purge all first and then purge the RegApps.

6) Enter -PURGE at the command line.
7) Enter R for RegApps.
8) Enter again to accept * for all RegApps.
9) Enter N for No you don't want to verify each and every one.

The only drawback to the command line version of purge is that you must run it multiple times as it doesn't purge nested objects.

Keep doing steps 2-9 until all lines come up with nothing purged.

If you're on subscription there is a Bonus Pack you can install to add some functionality to the Purge command that will remove empty Text and 0 length lines! Very handy!

Avatech Solutions National Support center can assist you with your drawing bloat/recover/cleanup needs. Please contact your Account Manager for your support information.

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