Friday, February 6, 2009

How to fix a blown out Hatch pattern

This little gem has plagued AutoCAD for years and years. You place a Hatch (AR-Conc, Gravel, AR-Sand) at a huge coordinate like 500000, 500000,0 and it just doesn't look right. It's like someone exploded it and the lines went everywhere. This doesn't happen if the drawing is near the UCS 0,0,0 origin.

This is a known issue but it only happens with certain hatch patterns.

You can fix this in AutoCAD (2006 and higher) by making some minor adjustments. By default the origin for the hatch is the UCS origin (0,0,0). However, you can specify a new Hatch Origin to avoid this issue.

Double click the Hatch to bring up the Hatch Edit dialog

First select the option "Specified Origin" in the lower left of the hatch dialog. Then to use a default "Bottom Left" (you have 4 choices here) just check the box "Default to Boundary Extents".

When creating a new Hatch in a drawing like this, ensure you change the option to "Default to Boundary Extents" to avoid this problem.


Shaan said...


Please try this in AutoCAD 2010 when released as it should be remedied as there was plenty of work in the Hatch feature and large coordinates as well as other changes.

Best Regards,

troybikepolo said...
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Peter K. said...

Shaan, hatches can still break in 2010 (I use Civil3D 2010).

Jeff, double-clicking a hatch pattern no longer brings up the Edit Hatch dialog in 2010. A user must find the Hatch Edit button or use the "HATCHEDIT" command.

Jeff Lotan said...

Hi Peter, Double-clicking a hatch will bring up Hatch Edit if you are still under a default install. I've seen 2 things change the behavior. 1) PICKFIRST=0 and 2) Migrated or custom menus that change the default double-click behavior. - Jeff