Monday, April 27, 2009

3ds Max & Nvidia GeForce Cards

We have received several calls from clients reporting issues running the software lately so we felt it was appropriate to put the word out. Users report that when the double-click their icon to launch the software, they either see the hourglass come up and then disappear or they see no response at all. Working with these clients I have seen one common denominator, all of them have been using Nvidia graphics cards.

Autodesk & Nvidia have been very up front in the past about their cards and high end software such as 3ds Max. The GeForce cards are basically "gaming" cards and not intended to be used with such intense software. In a formal statement found on Autodesk site found here, they indicated that the Quadro FX line is more appropriate.

"NVIDIA and Autodesk recommend the use of NVIDIA professional workstation cards such as the Quadro families which provide optimal user experience for high end 3D packages such as 3DS Max. Autodesk will however be testing a variety of cards based on the GeForce GPU chipsets in 2009 as they acknowledge that many of their customers are using such cards. Although they won't be considered officially qualified, results of their tests will be published as soon as they are available."

On that page Autodesk goes on to say that they will also be testing the ATI cards and that any card used with 3ds Max is recommended to have at least 512Mb on board. Keep an eye on our blog as we will post new information as it becomes available.


subcontent said...

... but not a QUADRO NVS right?

Jeff Lotan said...

Hi Subcontent,

Unfortunately I'm not seeing any NVIDIA Quadro NVS cards on the list. What this tells me is that they were not tested.

To navigate to the most current list I can find:
Go to

Click the System Requirements on the left sidebar menu.

At the bottom of the page click the link in "Learn more about graphics hardware compatibility."

In the PDF that comes up scroll down to the NVIDIA section.

Hope this helps,

Jeff Lotan (a.k.a. Jethro)