Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Have you ever had problems installing software?

Like who hasn't, right? Every now and then we get a few calls that have to do with install errors and we find at times the errors are about the Microsoft .NET Framework. Sometimes even launching the Autodesk program will give an error and it can be related to .NET. This is a required component to most Autodesk product installs.

One of the best methods to get you past this issue is to use the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Microsoft Windows Update site and ensure you have all the Windows updates applied. To manually navigate to the link copy and paste the following:

  2. Reboot the computer.

  3. Install the Autodesk program.
In some more challenging instances you may need to remove all Microsoft .NET entries from Add/Remove programs then using Windows Update have them all installed again.

Microsoft has a couple of KB articles that could assist you as well.

Pre-released Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 Uninstall Tool

or copy/paste the following link:

Uninstall Cleanup Tool for the .NET Framework 1.0 and .NET Framework 1.1 updates KB928366, KB929729, and KB928367

or copy/paste teh following link:

Another of our Blogs may be of assistance too! It all depends on the version of of the problematic software.

If you need assistance with the above process, please contact your IT department or the Avatech National Support Center at 800-808-7645.

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