Monday, May 11, 2009

2010 Revit Deployments Issue

A problem has been identified with the way deployments are being made in the 2010 Revit products. It seems that when installs are run from deployments the APIContext.dll is not getting registered on some machines. I know, "What does that mean?" Well the result is that when you go to execute Revit, the splash screen comes up, goes away and then nothing else happens. There are two ways to correct this issue for a deployment installation.

Option #1

Install from the DVD instead of the deployment - there appears to be an issue with the registration of .dll files when they are installed from a deployment.

Option #2

Manually register the APIContext.dll file by doing the following:

  1. Close Revit 2010
  2. Open the Windows Command Prompt
  3. Switch to the Revit MEP 2010 directory
  4. Type RegSVR32 APIContext.dll
  5. Close the Windows Command Prompt
  6. Launch Revit 2010

Autodesk is aware of the issue and they are looking into the cause. Stay Tuned! When we know more we'll post an update.

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