Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not Supported. What does that mean?

I've been told by the product manufacturer that my issue is "not supported", what exactly does that mean?

It means it hasn't been tested. It may work. Like my AutoCAD 2008 network install on Windows 7. If I have problems with it and call for support, the first thing that I'll be required to test is, "does it work if you run it on a supported operating system."

It could also mean that support is unable to test because they don't have the right hardware/software. Until recently running AutoCAD on a Macintosh wasn't supported (again). Support won't agree to officially support something if they are unable to test the same environment. Autodesk, once supporting the Mac, will have purchased the hardware and software to enable the support and development teams to test issues. The reason for this is that support cannot log an issue with development until they can reproduce it in a clean environment.

So, will it run? Maybe, can I get help on it? Maybe. The Avatech National Support Center (NSC) will support (without guarantee of finding a workaround, resolution or fix) many unsupported environments, however we need a support contract to do so. Sometimes the issues are no different than in a supported environment, other times there isn't a good resolution.

You can contact the NSC at 800-808-7645.

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