Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Should I upgrade my Autodesk software?

Should I install this upgrade software from Autodesk?

That is a great question! From a technical perspective, you'll want to consider if your machine will run the new software effectively.

Here are some important factors to consider before installing newer software:
  • Look at the system requirement for the "upgrade" software that you want to install, then double it (my rule of thumb). Can your machine handle those specs?
  • If so, then is your graphics card an Autodesk approved and certified card? See the links below to verify you have an Autodesk recommended/supported and hopefully certified card.
  • Do you have enough hard disk space?

Autodesk Graphic card list:
AutoCAD based programs:

Inventor Graphics card list:

If you answered no or you don't have a certified graphics card for the program you want to install, then you may want to upgrade those parts first.

If you need to get a new system, I'd recommend a 64-bit machine for any 2010 or higher programs from Autodesk.

The best option for you is to contact your Avatech representative to get a solutions consultant involved to listen to your goals for the upgrade. With you, they'll help formulate a plan that works best for you now and your future needs.

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