Friday, May 16, 2008

AutoCAD 2009: Migrating Legacy Menus

Applies to: AutoCAD 2009-related products

Due to the introduction of new interface changes, such as the "ribbon" in AutoCAD 2009, bringing forward an entire cui file from a previous version is not supported because it lacks the components to support the new features.

To bring forward customized features from previous releases to AutoCAD 2009, please use the "Migrate Custom Settings" option located in the AutoCAD 2009 program group, then select "Migrate From A Previous Release" selection.

An alternative way to migrate specific components of a legacy menu is to use the Customize User Interface (CUI) dialog to drag and drop customized items into the AutoCAD 2009 menu.

Click on this link to access additional information from the Autodesk website. For additional help on this topic, contact the Avatech NSC. We're here to help!

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