Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fatal Plotting Error

You may receive this: "Fatal Error: Undefined Access Violation Reading 0x28203220 Exception at 28203220h" when trying to plot. Note that the memory address seems to change with each error when you print or plot to a particular device.

It's back! Actually it never left. Since release 2005, AutoCAD sends path and filename information to the plotter and some devices (Windows print or plot drivers) will give you a fatal error if the length of the path and filename exceeds the device driver’s programming

To verify this is the issue you're having:
Save your file to c:\test.dwg and plot again. If you don't get the error, then there are several possible ways to work around this issue.

Method 1 (Recommended):
Get another driver. (The latest driver may not work and you may need to go back to an earlier version.)

Method 2 (quickest):
Set FULLPLOTPATH = 0, this tells AutoCAD (or AutoCAD-based program) not to send the path information and to only send the filename.

Method 3:
Set Background Processing for Plotting On (check the box for Plotting on the Plot and Publish tab in Options).

There are other methods, like mapping a drive closer to the drawings (which could cause issues for XREFs); however above are the best methods available.

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