Friday, May 30, 2008

How's your CAD doing under the hood?

Applies to:
AutoCAD 2007-2011 and related family of products

Your graphics card is one of the most utilized components of your computer (outside of the CPU and memory) when using AutoCAD-based products, so it's important you know when you need a tuneup or if you are using a certified display driver. Doing so can improve overall system performance.

To determine if you are updated and ready to go, type "3DCONFIG" at the command line and hit Enter to display the Adaptive Degredation and Performance Tuning dialog as shown. Then click on the Check for Updates button to have the application check if there are any updates to the certified graphics card driver list from the Autodesk website. If you have the check box next to Remind me when a new display driver is available enabled, AutoCAD will then compare your currently-installed display driver to the database and let you know if a newer driver is available.

Settings under the Manual Tune button allows you to change some of the AutoCAD display settings that affect performance.

Depressing the View Tune Log button lets you know what your current system settings are.

So you should periodically check to see if you have the display updates necessary to keep your AutoCAD purring under the hood by checking for updates every so often. Autodesk puts out revisions of this database several times a year.

You may also visit the Autodesk site where the latest AutoCAD certified graphics drivers are listed by navigating to the following link:
For Autodesk Inventor products:


Adam said...

As much as we pay for their product every year, it'd be great for autodesk to make their product work on any graphics card and with the latest drivers, instead of having the attitude of expecting us to pay more for another graphics card. I don't care if their graphics card-making pals have some sort of business arrangement with them to get autodesk to only support proprietary hardware. That attitude is infuriating!

Jeff Lotan said...

Hi Adam,

Actually for many, many years Autodesk didn't allow support to recommend any hardware. It wasn't until recently (AutoCAD 2007 I believe) that Autodesk finally came out with the list of cards they have tested and if it is recommended or supported. With all the added testing this causes I'm surprised they do it at all. Imagine for every card and driver having to test a variety of Windows with AutoCAD and each vertical? It would just take too long. Most cards will probably work fine, you may need to tweak your Windows and AutoCAD to avoid errors or other issues though. Sometimes you may actually need a new card. Hardware does go bad and some drivers play nicer than others. Most of the time I find changing the driver or AutoCAD or Windows settings can get us past issues. I hope you find this helpful.

Jeff Lotan
Sr. Support Specialist
Avatech Solutions