Monday, December 8, 2008

Undocumented Feature of AutoCAD 2009: Layer Manager

In AutoCAD 2009, if you change settings to tell AutoCAD to use the old-style Layer Manager, it might actually be good for performance. To change the mode of the Layer Manager Palette (dialog) do the following

  1. Enter LAYERDLGMODE at the command line and hit the Enter key to access the setting
  2. Enter 0 at the command line and hit the Enter key to set the value

This will make the Layer dialog appear like what you’ve seen in previous versions and make the dialog "modal" again; so you must close the dialog before performing the next command. This can help speed up the performance of AutoCAD, because when you have multiple drawings open and you switch between drawings while the default 2009 Layer Manager Palette is open, AutoCAD must re-populate the list of layers in the Layer Manager window; refreshing the list each time you switch. This can take a bit of time and, in larger drawings or drawings with XREFs, it can cause AutoCAD to become unusable.

LAYERDLGMODE is an undocumented system variable; therefore it won't be found in the Help file.

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