Friday, December 19, 2008

Updates and Service Packs and Versions, OH MY! What is going on?

When you look at the Product Information dialog, (Help->About->click the Product Information button) Under the "Product service pack" label it shows Version 3. You thought you downloaded and installed Service Pack 2 and when checking the website to see what was downloaded it shows "AutoCAD update 2". What gives?

With the 2009 release, Autodesk has changed some of its terminology. When you install an update, the version of the update ADDS to the version you have installed, therefore, when you install update 2 onto the original version, the Product service pack reads "Version 3".

This makes it a bit confusing especially since the Update number and the Version number do NOT match in current versions. In previous versions, the service pack number you downloaded and applied was the same as what showed in the "Product service pack" that displayed in the Product information dialog. Now the former Service Packs are now known as Updates and may be released more frequently (more than once per year).

Always review the readme file for the particular product update; as it will help you decide if you need to install the respective update. A screenshot from the AutoCAD 2009 update 2 readme is shown above.

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