Tuesday, April 15, 2008

AutoCAD error after Windows Update

It appears as though a recent Microsoft Windows Update may be the cause of a number of reports about users receiving the following error when starting AutoCAD-based products:

"This version of AutoCAD was not installed properly and some features may not run correctly. You should reinstall AutoCAD immediately to make sure all features are working properly. Do you wish to continue anyway?"

If you have recently allowed your computer to update Windows, and your AutoCAD-based application starts with the error above, the only known workaround is to uninstall and reinstall the .NET Framework (dotnetfx) 2.0 (and possibly 3.0) required for your application.

Here is a link to the Microsoft web site concerning the troubleshooting, installation, and, more importantly, instruction on how to manually remove and then reinstall the .NET Framework 2.0:


You may manually reinstall the .NET Framework 2.0 by accessing the following link to the Microsoft web site:

Here is a link to the Autodesk Technical Solution regarding a similar issue:

You may also consider disabling Automatic Windows Updates to prevent the updates from occurring automatically and so you may manually review updates before applying them.

For more information, please contact us at the Avatech National Support Center (NSC).

Note: If you have Autodesk Inventor or Autodesk Vault (Autodesk Data Management Server) installed or are running on Windows Vista, there are alternate instructions for you. Please contact the NSC.

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