Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Can you control your AutoCAD cascading?

There have been some changes to the Cascading of Autodesk programs. AutoCAD will now cascade. The biggest change is that non-suite program installs can now cascade to get a suite network license.

AutoCAD 2010 Cascading Sequence:
  • AutoCAD 2010
  • AutoCAD Mechanical 2010
  • AutoCAD Visualization Suite 2010
  • AutoCAD Revit Architecture Visualization Suite 2010
  • Autodesk Building Fabrication Suite 2010
  • AutoCAD Revit Architecture Suite 2010
  • AutoCAD Revit Structure Suite 2010
  • Autodesk Education Master Suite 2010
  • Autodesk Education Suite for Architecture and Engineering 2010
  • Autodesk Education Suite for Civil and Structural Engineering 2010
  • Autodesk Education Suite for Industrial Design 2010
  • Autodesk Design Academy 2010
If you run out of suite licenses too quickly, then you will want to create an options file to control license availability for certain users. Using Groups and Include is a great way to help restrict users.

To see a complete list of the Autodesk Cascading sequences, click here to see the Autodesk Technical Solution. Alternatively you can copy and paste this:

If you need any assistance on this or any other issue, then call the Avatech National Support Center at 800-808-7645. Remember our contract holders come first and first time callers after that. If you’d like to purchase a support contract we can help with that too!

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