Monday, August 31, 2009

UPDATE for Inventor SP1: Hotfix for R2010Sp1 is now available and new SP1

As announced in earlier posts, the Inventor team has published hotfix TS1109427 to fix two problems that were discovered after Sp1 was published to the web.The first problem was around borrowed licenses and the second problem related to erroneous update messages in the LiveUpdate portion of the product.
Since Wednesday August 26 , we also replaced Sp1 on the web with a version of Sp1 that no longer has these two problems.
Users that downloaded Sp1 prior to Wednesday August 26 are strongely advised to install this hotfix. Users that downloaded Sp1 after that date should be fine and don't need to install the hotfix. If you don't recall the exact date of your Sp1 download, you may still apply the hotfix as it will have no effect on the corrected version of the service pack. There is also a second way to find out if you need to apply the hotfix or not.Go to Control Panel\Programs and Features (Vista) or Control Panel\Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP) and make sure the "Show updates" checkbox is checked. If there is a "Remove" button present for Sp1, your machine will benefit from applying the hotfix.
Our apologies for this confusion.

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