Friday, April 2, 2010

I just received 2011 - do I need to upgrade the license manager for network licensing?

Yes, it's that time again. New products shipping and lots of scrambling (I like bacon with my eggs).

Anyway, yes, always upgrade the license manager when implementing new Autodesk Networked products.

The current version is for the 2011 programs.

Pre-upgrade steps:
  1. Ensure you have the media (downloaded media counts) and you can access it from the license manager machine.
  2. Get a new license file from Autodesk at 800-551-1490 or go to and login (it should be the same login as your Subscription login) and retrieve it.
  3. If necessary, Combine your license files (check your license agreement!).

To quickly upgrade the license manager:
  1. Run LMTools and ensure you stop the service. I like to check the box for "force server shutdown" and click Stop a couple of times, then exit LMTools.
  2. Uninstall the license manager.
  3. Install the license manager.
  4. Configure and start your service.
  • Done! Under 5 minutes if you're really good and you don't have problems trying to stop that service.
Autodesk has developed a video with the exact steps to assist you in setup and configuration. You can go to: and click the image to load up the video. The upgrade solution can be found at :

If you need assistance upgrading and have a valid Avatech Support contract we can help! Call us at 800-808-7645.

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