Monday, April 12, 2010

Is your Complex Linetype upside-down?

Our complex Linetypes using text look like this in 2010 and prior:

Notice how you have to keep turning the circle to read it?

But now they can look like this!

Notice how the text flips orientation. Very, very cool!!! I know of companies that have spent hours and thousands of dollars creating add-on programs designed to do this exact same thing!

Now for the better news. The Linetypes included with AutoCAD 2011 behave this way by default. You can update your own custom Linetypes to be used in 2011, by changing the rotation option to U, for “upright”.

AutoCAD 2008
*HOT_WATER_SUPPLY,Hot water supply ---- HW ---- HW ---- HW ---

AutoCAD 2011
*HOT_WATER_SUPPLY,Hot water supply ---- HW ---- HW ---- HW ----

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