Friday, June 11, 2010

Changing the Content Browser in the Avatech Utilities for Revit 2011

Do you want to change the web site where the Avatech Utilities for Revit's Content Browser is pointing?

If you do, then the contentURL can be changed to a different location by editing the file named ContentBrowser.dll.config in Notepad.

The file can be located in one of the following folder:

XP Pro
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Avatech Solutions\Avatech Utilities 2011

Win 7/Vista:
C:\ProgramData\Avatech Solutions\Avatech Utilities 2011

To change the site just update the following line in Fig 1:

Fig 1

The http name between the quotes is the location of the download site. So if you wanted to change it to go to

"" the line should look like the following in Fig 2:

Fig 2

Close and save the file then run Revit and test it.

Only certain websites will work with the Content Browser. Websites that contain ".rfa" in the URL that you click on to receive data. Sites (like RevitCity). However, certain sites (such as Autodesk Seek and others) – have a more complex mechanism for performing the download (particularly when they pop-up acceptance messages when you click). In these cases, we cannot determine if the link you just clicked on is going to send you an RFA file – so they will not do anything special.

If you want to add additional “save” options, then those can be added to the contentFolders section of the ContentBrowser.dll.config

In order to add more “save” locations add lines in the section to look something like Fig 3:

Fig 3

The “key” is just an identifier, the “value” is the location where the content will be saved.

Close and save the file then run Revit and test it.

For more information about the Avatech Utilities for Revit 2011 please see

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