Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Civil 3D 2011 UCS icon and Navigation Cube do not match when in World Coordinate System

There is a known issue in Civil 3D 2011 where the UCS Icon and the Navigation Cube will not match and cannot be set back to World. As seen below in Figure 1 And Figure 2

Figure 1

Figure 2

There is no official work around however here is an operation that should resolve this until the issue can be resolved officially.
Use the undocumented command AECCIMPORTSTYLESANDSETTINGS

Note - (enter)- Denotes the act of selecting the enter key on the keyboard

1.) Start a new DWG using a good DWT file to start with.
3.) When the path comes up type in the location path of the old Template and the name of the old Template. I will use an example in folder C:\styles and a file called ProblemDWT.dwt.
4.) C:\styles\ProblemDWT.dwt (enter)
Now the clean file should have all of the Settings and Styles from the DWT that was having the issue with the UCS Icon and Navigation Cube but without the problem.
See Figure 3

Figure 3

Now you can save your file as a DWT and begin using this DWT as your start point.

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