Friday, May 28, 2010

Automatic Save functionality explained

I get calls where the person is unable to find their Automatically saved file or feels it's not working because the file is not there.

When you turn on Autosave and give it a time then it will save to the folder specified in Options->Files->Automatic Save File Location.

Even if you specify a length of time, say 10 minutes, it may not save at that exact time. There are things that can prevent the autosave, like a dialog box being open, performing a QSAVE (clicking the save button) or SAVEAS command will reset the timer.

2011 Help says:
Automatic Save
Saves your drawing automatically at the intervals you specify. You can specify the location of all Autosave files by using the SAVEFILEPATH system variable.SAVEFILE (read-only) stores the name of the Autosave file.

Note Automatic save is disabled when the Block Editor is open.

Minutes Between Saves: When Automatic Save is on, specifies how often the drawing is saved.

(SAVETIME system variable)

The SAVETIME is saved in the Windows Registry on each machine for each persons login.

When you go to the location of the Automatically saved files and you don't see any files with a .SV$ extension this can be due to you exiting the program normally. When you exit the program normally you don't need the Autosave file as you've saved it since then and the program automatically deletes the file.

Alright, so now you've crashed and have found the most current .SV$ for the drawing you were in, now what? Copy it to another folder and rename it, I add a .dwg after the .SV$ so I know this was the autosave file. Verify everything is correct, run audit and let it fix any errors. Save it and run Recover on it. Audit and Recover are very similar commands but I trust Recover more and you use Recover to open a drawing and Audit while in the drawing.

Autosave file names can be a bit cryptic. The original name will be in it but it will also have some numbers after it. For example, my drawing name is "AutoSave.dwg" and the automatic save generated this filename "$", if it saves again then you will also have a AutoSave_1_1_1411.bak with the same name.

From the Autodesk technical solution (TS67319)

Automatic save files are
  • Created based on the time interval specified by the SAVETIME system variable, or in the Options dialog box, Open and Save tab.
  • Saved only if you have modified a drawing and have not subsequently used the QSAVE, SAVE, or SAVEAS command.
  • Saved to the directory specified by the SAVEFILEPATH variable, which by default is taken from the TEMP environment variable.
  • Even if a drawing has been created and not saved, an automatic save file will be created based on the drawing name, for example, DRAWING1.bak.

The TIME command is useful in tracking whether an automatic save file will be created because it gives information about the countdown time, and whether modifications have been made to the drawing.

Note that the automatic save files are deleted if you exit the software normally. If AutoCAD exits abnormally, the automatic save files can be useful.

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