Thursday, May 6, 2010

All kinds of problems can be resolved by...

When working with Autodesk programs it is important to use an Autodesk supported and recommended graphics card and driver. Why is this? Well, there are two main reasons.

1) If you need support from Autodesk they're going to tell you (at some point) that you need to get on a Supported/Recommended card and driver to help you troubleshoot further.

2) It alleviates many issues. Some issues that may be resolve include: Performance issues, mouse trails (moving the mouse leaves part of the crosshairs on the screen), fatal errors, printing (yes even some printing issue), and even a machine spontaneously rebooting just by installing an Autodesk Supported and Recommended graphics driver.

I've been told, "but this is the 'latest' driver". If wasn't tested by Autodesk we don't know how it will work. Install the one that Autodesk has tested (and recommended), it may mean you have to install an older version.

Will this resolve all your issues? No, but once you have an Autodesk Supported/Recommended card and driver installed you are one step closer to error free designing.

Once installed, you'll need to go into Options to configure it (or enter 3DCONFIG) and use Manual Tune to turn on (or change) your Hardware Acceleration settings.

How can you tell if you have a supported/recommended driver? That's the easy part and takes less than 5 minutes to find out if you read our other blog first:

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