Monday, May 10, 2010

Get a new GRIP

There are new Grips in AutoCAD 2011 that will allow us to modify objects with little effort.
1.) Select a Polyline (with no command active) you will see a new Grip at the midpoint of the polyline (pline) segment. Select this Grip and you will see that it stretches not just the line but the lines that are at each end in a case like we have below. In Figure 1

Figure 1

2.) While you still have the Grip selected right click and take a look at the menu. There are several new Options such as Add Vertex that will allow you to add a point on the Polyline. Convert to Arc so you can change the Polyline to an Arc. See figure 2

Figure 2

Take a look at these new Grip options and I think you will be very impressed.
Thank you and happy gripping.

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