Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Tool Resolves Performance Issue and Drawing Cleanup

Have you noticed significant performance issues when performing the following functions in AutoCAD®:

  • Opening drawings that contain Xrefs?
  • Inserting Xref drawings?
  • Copying/Pasting from one drawing into another?
  • Inserting blocks from external files?

This behavior may occur if your drawings contain multiple custom annotation scales (see image). If your annotative scale list is long, the scales listed include the word "XREF" in it and you have many affected drawings, then this new tool is for you.

Here’s how to prepare your system:

1. First, download and install the latest service packs for your product. To access the service packs, navigate to the Autodesk support page and select the appropriate application. Follow the Data and Download links to the Updates and Service Packs page. The current service pack level for the product installed on your computer is found by typing “About” at the (AutoCAD) command line (without the quotes) and hitting the Enter key. Then click the Product Information button in the upper right of the About dialog to show the Product Information Dialog. The Product Information Dialog displays the name and version of your product as well as the service pack level installed.

2. Next, download and install the Scale list Cleanup Utility so you can quickly remove all these extra scale lists.

Don't forget to clean up your template drawings too!

Be sure to read the important information in the "Download CleanupScales.html" which contains instructions on how to install and use the tool.


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