Thursday, April 3, 2008

Autodesk Subscription 2009 Serial Number Changes

As you start to see your new 2009 product arrive it may feel like Christmas in April!

While you begin to look over the feature changes in your products, you'll also want to be aware of the changes Autodesk implemented for Subscription in their 2009 product line.

The biggest change is the focus on the ability to register 3 versions back ONLINE! In order to do this you will have to burn the old serial numbers you may have memorized.

The next BIGGER change is that serial numbers for 2009 are PRODUCT based now. In the past it was GROUP/LOCATION based.

PRO – You’ll have the ability to register 3 versions back online.

CON – You may have a lot more serial numbers

Example: If you had 3 locations with a serial number for each and multiple products at each location. You will have a new serial number for each location and each product in each location.

PS. IF you are not happy with the new arrangement please work with your client manager and we can work with Autodesk to change the configuration to better serve your company. Or contact the NSC of course.

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