Thursday, April 3, 2008

Autodesk Inventor – Known Issues and Workarounds

New 2009:
  1. Vista 32 & 64 has DX 9 & 10 support. Inventor will automatically detect the level of hardware acceleration on your card.
  2. XP can use OpenGL or DX 9 (Default). XP-64 only uses DX9.
  3. All configurations have OpenGL software emulation.

NEW 2008:

When using Inventor 2008 or newer, with Direct3D 9 or newer, any Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Lab (WHQL) certified graphics driver is certified for use with Inventor; no additional Autodesk Inventor certification is necessary. Most drivers will still be posted on the Autodesk graphics hardware site for your convenience.

OpenGL is supported only on Windows XP when using a Certified OpenGL Workstation card (such as a Quadro or FireGL card) with a driver posted on the Autodesk graphics hardware site for your convenience.
  1. The card vendors design Workstation cards and drivers for applications such as CAD. They also test Inventor with every new driver. They do not support cards designed for the game market (such as Radeon and GeForce) for use with Inventor. As a result, Autodesk can not support game cards for OpenGL.
  2. New OpenGL Certifications are only available by request from webmaster because OpenGL is now a Legacy functionality with limited support.
  3. If you are forced to use OpenGL because of D3D problems, please report your problems, so they can be fixed. See Reporting Requirements for the information needed by the Autodesk Inventor team.
  4. New certifications always apply to older versions of Inventor.
  5. A certification for a released product always applies to all following service packs.
  6. OpenGL also requires the latest graphics database update.

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