Friday, April 4, 2008

Autodesk Inventor – Known Issues and Workarounds for Graphics

  1. Notebook users: If you do not find a driver on our site(Autodesk), please obtain the latest WHQL certified driver from your notebook vendor. When used with DirectX 9 Graphics, this is certified. Do not attempt to use drivers from any other source. This does not imply OpenGL certification.
  2. Inventor LT users: Please use Inventor 2008 settings, database & graphics drivers.
  3. When changing to a different graphics card, it is highly recommended that you un-install your current drivers before installing the new card.
  4. 3GB switch on XP or Vista32: The graphics vendors have re-structured their drivers to use more Operating System address space and less application address space. You may have to use the USERVA switch (i.e.. /USERVA=2800) to move the 3GB boundary down. When running up against this boundary, please limit Inventor to 1 graphics window. Do not run any other applications that are not required, as each application takes OS resources that may not be available. See FAQ page for more information

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